Review: LunaNode Cloud Hosting

After having a bad experience with Web Hosting Canada (read my review here), I decided to try LunaNode for the first time.  I’ve been very happy since.

LunaNode is a good, no-nonsense cloud host.  They have everything I need, and (so far) no bullshit.  From the time I signed up my account and ordered my first server, it was deployed and live within maybe 2 minutes.  They have 3 tiers of plans — General Purpose, Memory-Optimized, and Compute-Optimized, each with different levels of resources available.  They have all the common Linux distros available as templates.  (No Windows Server is offered, but if needed it seems you could upload an image.)  In a nutshell, all the standard stuff is there.

They have data centers in Canada (Toronto and Montreal) and France.  For my project I chose Toronto.  Based on the IP address I was assigned, it appears they are a reseller for OVH.  That’s not a bad thing.  OVH is a big company with an excellent reputation, and honestly I’m happy with the deal I’m getting from LunaNode.  If I tried to go to OVH directly I’d probably end up having to get a much bigger server than I need.

LunaNode Pros:

  • Prices are reasonable.
  • All plans have SSD storage.
  • Fast and reliable so far (I have not had any issues yet!)
  • They accept crypto payments. (I haven’t tried it yet, but I think that’s a cool feature to have.)

LunaNode Cons:

  • Bandwidth is not unlimited.
  • Can’t find anywhere what network speed they offer.  Everything seems speedy enough so far, but it would be nice if they guaranteed a certain number.

In fairness, I have not had any reason yet to contact their support team, so I do not know if it is good or bad.  If I do end up talking to them someday, I’ll come back here and update my review accordingly.

If you need a good, reliable Canada-based host, I say give LunaNode a try.  In fact you can use the promo code TATMJBP and you’ll receive $20 in free credit. :)

(affiliate disclaimer: if you use my promo code I also receive credit via their affiliate program.  This does not influence my recommendation in any way — I am currently an active user of LunaNode myself and would not be recommending them if I wasn’t happy with their services. God knows from my other reviews, if I don’t like someone, I’ll rip them to shreds. :) )

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