I think you need to learn English better

A guy messages us through the “pre-sales questions” contact form on our website, asking some technical question about how to do something with our software… or so we thought. One of my staff email him back:

Hi Ian

Sorry you’re have trouble. Please note that for queries like this a support ticket needs to be logged via our website here [link to our support site] so that we can assist you.

Thanks in advance,


You may have already noticed the typo, right? Well this “client” had something to say about it… his reply:

FROM: Ian <ian@someasshole>

I think you need to learn English better. I am trying to buy one of your products and you make me do a stupid ticket?

(emphasis added)

Now, Megan is a super nice lady and, guess what, a NATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKER. But we all make mistakes sometimes. She said “sorry you’re have trouble” when she meant to type “sorry you’re having trouble”. Big whoop-de-do. When you answer hundreds of emails it’s bound to happen once in a while.

Megan replies trying to make light of it:

Hi Ian

Thanks for pointing out my grammar and spelling mistakes – I see you had a few as well. lol
Must be that time of the year! One can tell it’s really been challenging for everyone.

(message then goes on about his technical request and why he needs to talk to our support team….)

To which he replies:

FROM: Ian <ian@someasshole>

Ha! You are a joke. We are going with another option. Bye

All I can say is, thank you Ian for revealing to us what a major asshole you are before actually buying our software, so we won’t have to deal with your bullshit on an ongoing basis. Welcome to the blacklist!

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