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Fuck you Yahoo Mail

I have an email address at Yahoo Mail that I’ve had for at least 10+ years, although nowadays I use it only very occasionally (maybe once every few months) as a “throwaway” address — you know, for those times you have to give out an email address and don’t want to get spammed later.

Well, I should say “had”, because Yahoo just randomly decided to fuck me over today.  Even though I know, without any doubt, my correct username and password, they just won’t let me login.  Isn’t that nice?

“Traveling somewhere new?” they ask.  No, I’m not.  I’m sitting at my desk, at home, the same place I’ve lived at for the last 3 years.

My only recourse, apparently, is for them to send a code to a mostly obscured email address, which I have no idea what is is.  d****@w****.com — what the hell is that?  Certainly whatever it is is some address I haven’t used for probably 10+ years and no longer have access to anyway.  I also tried the “forgot password” tool even though I do know the password — I thought maybe they’d let me reset it, but no.

Now before you go off lecturing me that it’s my “fault” (or some shit like that), for not “keeping my information up to date”… do you realize how many god damned websites I have logins to try and keep track of already?  Multiply that by 15+ years of this shit and… how is anyone supposed to keep everything “updated” all the time?

At least Gmail prompts me from time to time to make sure my recovery info is still correct.  If it’s not, I update it on the spot.  Well, it would have been nice if Yahoo had ever prompted me like that — before locking my account for no reason — which would have avoided this mess altogether.

The lessons from this bullshit are:

  1. Yes, security is important — but not at the expense of permanently locking out your legitimate users.
  2. You get what you pay for — which is why I’ve been progressively migrating away from free email services (like Yahoo) in favor of my own mailbox(es) running on my own servers, where my sysadmin (me) would never pull such a dick move.
  3. Yahoo, as a company, really is fucked.  How are they even still in business?  I’ve seen them fuck up so many things over the years (anybody remember Yahoo Auctions?), that really I shouldn’t be surprised by things like this anymore.  (Ironically, about a month ago I turned down a job opportunity at Yahoo, working on the — you guessed it — Yahoo Mail team.  Gee, I wonder why they are hiring?)

Need a throwaway email address?

By the way…  if you need a throwaway email address, check out the (appropriately named) site http://www.throwawaymail.com/.  I’m not affiliated with them in any way… I just found it while Googling for throwaway email accounts and it worked great for me, and it’s free.  Totally replaced my need for having Yahoo Mail anymore.

73 thoughts on “Fuck you Yahoo Mail”

  1. Any idea what I, 70+yr old barely pc-literate, can do to get Yahoo Mail to release mail on to Windows Live Mail. It used to happen automatically. With Windows 10 forced on to me I’m even more in the doodah for sorting out what’s going on. Regards, CB

    1. Yes Yahoo is a joke it. Say to sign up ok but when you try to do you think they will let y fuck no i did everything it said to do and still it would not let me so i think Yahoo should not be here at all Yahoo want’s is your money from people and to me they are rubbing people and they sound be turned into the police
      Yahoo i think you are filling good fucking people over well fuck you to

    2. yahoo is so arrogant. The are outdated, slow, behind the times, not secure. they do not support anything beyond iso 9. Screw you yahoo. you suck. i am not going to forced, bullied, manipulated into buying a 600 dollar iphone to use yahoo. they are so arrogant, they actually think anybody likes yahoo. They is so much better email accounts, with no ads. it is like foreign country bought yahoo, that is 50 years behind the times, using dictatorship tacts, to get you to use their product. get lost yahoo. i am going to use this as a throw away email address. yahoo who is the my new motto and should be yours too. aol is older than yahoo, but is consistent in staying outdated and doesn’t try to be somebody they are not. the only way to use yahoo now is to get on their browser with any iso device below 8. they are so incompetent that they can’t even tell what iso device i am actually using. it is not 8.. what programmer bear should do. is get all of these rants and send it federal express to the socialist, fascist, dictator who now owns yahoo.

    3. yahoo you mother fucker you just now made my decision for me now it will be another browser you have acted goddam shitty and its just mail. so fuck you it is another browser for me

  2. Shitty single dad can’t get into email. Now no way to find the daily jobs to find my kids. So i hope that fucking yahoo happy because u just killed my kids because no way to work if i can’t check my emails

    1. yeah FUCKING YAHOO..keep asking me to fucking secure the password..I DID CHANGE MY PASSWORD FUCKING 7times just to get rid of that stupid question. and it still asking me..wt hell

      1. Try hot mail.com or outlook.com as an alternative both free Microsoft products.

        Had to change my phone number and tried to change it on yahoo without success; now I am locked out. My guess is they are seeking financial information stored on my yahoo account; what other rationale is plausible?

  3. I want to recovery my facebook acount!but i can’t beacause of you yahoo. how can i solve the verification question! When i lose my mobile phone number a years ago!
    I have more games on that acount, microsoft acount, skype, etc.

  4. I can’t even believe in this day and age that a person could get locked out of their own yahoo email address! Even LinkedIn allowed me to send in a photo of the front and back of my drivers license to prove who I was so I could login!

    I need my yahoo email access back!!!!

  5. My phone died which is where I got my emails. Downloaded the yahoo app to my tablet and can’t access it because they will only send the access code to the broken phone. Called customer service and got hung up on the first time. Called again and did what the guy told me. Moved my sim card from my broken phone to my tablet as I can’t afford to replace my phone. I said…What if this doesn’t work? He said…This will absolutely work. Didn’t work. Urge to kill rising.

    1. Since i changed my phone number even though i have the correct user ID and password i cant log in. What a load of bullshit. Fuck yahoo mail!!!

      1. Same problem here.
        I think the fuckers at Yahoo just want to invade our privacy. They want our phone numbers!
        Later, they will want our credit card details even though we dont want to buy anything from them.

  6. FUCK YAHOO! The worst email I’d used so far. DO NOT use yahoo mail! this bullshit always has failure notice on sending email. I’m hardly to send one email out! FUCK THEM. It is just bullshit! Gmail does much much better. Yahoo is the worst.

  7. FUCK YOU YAHOO MAIL!!! I have all of my correspondence with my attorney(s) saved in 2 email accounts with you. 3 months ago, out of the blue, neither passwords work anymore even though I WROTE THEM DOWN! I tried to type them in verbatim and you say they are invalid?!? So to recover both of my very important accounts, they want to text an unlock code to my old phone number. One I haven’t used in 3 years. There has GOT to be a law suite here. Do I need to sue Yahoo to unlock my account?!?

    1. Yahoo have Deleted ALL my emails also containing irretrievable legal documents & trying to get help is hopeless. No phone numbers that work. No email address to send to, just auto chat that is stuck in a loop. How do they even manage to sell advertising.

      Have 2 other yahoo addresses i am too scared to log into, lots of paid for information held in those accounts are all goibg to be deleted too…i.ve just been ill for sometime, felt all my emails would be safe.


  8. Fuck Yahoo right in the neck! Wrong email/password my ass, been using the same one for I don’t know how many years. This is the second time this has happened, just didn’t feel like changing all my info for online billing but FUCK YOU Yahoo! I’m done with this bullshit

  9. Yahoo seems determined to have us answer what our phone number is, and which accounts are linked together. Why would we share this information with the turkeys who keep getting hacked??? I notice though that they quickly back off and let me in later…

  10. Fuck Yahooo I’m in a life emergency and the assholes at yahoo decide to change their fucking policy…………. I will never use your bullshit again!!!!!!!!!

  11. They have messed up Yahoo my portfolios also. I hope Verizon fires all their programmers and the dudes that came up with the change. Their banner covers more than half screen on cellphone

  12. yahoo is asking for answers to security questions that were never set up. I have my password, but I never set up security questions, so of course I don’t know the answers …

    Sadly, my account now lost forever. I’m NEVER using a yahoo product again.

  13. yahoo was hacked years ago and just announced the problem. EVER SINCE THIS PROBLEM .I havnt been able to a enter my email .I must have 900 or more yahoo eats shit .

  14. I was just locked out of my Yahoo mail for reporting a cyberbully!

    Now I have no access to email replies looking for a new place to live when my lease here expires!

    Thanks a LOT yahoo, you made me homeless!!!

  15. Problems with new yahoo email since Verizon took it over:

    All addresses are still here, but when I enter them into the To: or Cc: line, it tells me there is a problem with some of the recipients. It doesn’t tell me which, or what the problem is. I have to type the email in a Word document, copy it, open a previously delivered email that has the recipients I want, delete all text in it, and paste the new email into it.

    None of the Ctrl word-processing shortcuts work. I cannot underline, bold, or italicize anything. If I do any in the Word document, they are not translated into the email.

    It doesn’t save ANY drafts, even if I click the (new) “Save as a Draft” button. I haven’t had a draft saved since Verizon took over. I have a Word folder named “yahoo crap” into which I type drafts I wish to send later. It’s the only way I can see to accomplish it.

    The clock is off by about four hours, and can’t be corrected. Emails come in with a timestamp four hours later than actually received – that would be a time zone somewhere out in the Atlantic Ocean, around the Azores. What the hell???

    New emails don’t automatically open; you have to periodically refresh the page.

    It’s too stupid to not send a copy to my inbox when I “Reply All”

    You can’t send an email to a bunch of recipients under Bcc. At ALL, even if you go through all the addressees to make sure the addresses are correct.

    It periodically asks that one log in again; I understand that. But when I attempt to, it doesn’t accept the login unless I give them my mobile number. I don’t have a mobile telephone. And if I did, I wouldn’t give it to them. Fortunately, I had the sense to copy and paste a valid address into a word document a year ago, and can use that.

    I’m switching to a more useable platform. If their product is screwed up, why would I continue to use it?

    Whoever is the webmeister for this shit should be shot dead, then fired. The previous version wasn’t great. This is MUCH worse.

  16. I’ve got the same problem they keep saying incorrect pass word or email address honestly I’m at my wit’s end!I’m 65years old but I’m not stupid my email and password has been the same all along I redid it only to have this fail now two weeks later?? I worked as a mechanic for 25 years and yes dealing with computer controlled systems but this shit leaves me baffeled??I would love to see a return to the old ways!and shitcan these damned computers! Nitro mike

  17. It is really pathetic. Almost every day I have issues in opening and sending email. It is dead slow and not able to send emails. Unfortunately I cannot leave it as I have been using it since 20 years and all of my important emails are there. The technical people behind this service are not given enough salary timely?? Why the admin take it as silly?

  18. Today, yahoo mail wanted me to do a caption, and nothing has changed at this end.

    Capchas with blurred street signs… WTF

  19. fuck you yahoo or oath or whatever else you cocksuckers are calling yourself today . holding my mail hostage is the last straw. I’m done .

  20. Yahoo.com have a bunch of morons running it 90% of the people that work there don’t know what the f*** they are doing

  21. Yahoo! Mail keeps asking me to update my inbox. NO, I do not want to fucking update my inbox. I’m quite happy as it is thank you, so fuck off. I’m still using a NOKIA 3310 “bar of soap” cell phone too. I don’t want to update that either. OK?

  22. How in the hell am I supposed to log on when I give you my information cuz he asked for it you don’t tell me that log on or anyting

  23. I stopped using Yahoo because I got fed up with all their bullshit fucking up my browsing experience, and switched to AOL

    Now I find AOL is now part of OATH, and I’m getting the shit I fled from Yahoo to avoid.

    Am I the only one who wants to say to Yahoo & AOL ‘Fuck Off! Before YOU continue”?

    Think I’ll change my User Name to ‘pissed off!’

  24. Yeah a BIG FU to Yahoo Mail!! They deleted very important emails that I need. I want to know where in their terms of service does it say they will delete your email or email account??

    What a way to piss off your email users. That’s no way to get traffic to your site. Your driving traffic away from your site.

    Karma will come back to bite you with how you’ve screwed over so many people. Maybe… all your data and emails that you need will somehow be permanently deleted.

  25. Before you continue, let us fuck up your browsing and waste your time with yet another intrusion form us and our partners…..

    AOL is now part of the Oath family. We (Oath) and our partners need your consent to access your device, set cookies and use your data, including your location, to understand your interests, provide relevant ads and measure their effectiveness. Oath will also provide relevant ads to you on our partners’ products. Learn more
    Select ‘OK’ to allow Oath and our partners to use your data, or ‘Manage options’ to review our partners and your choices. Tip: Sign in to save these choices and avoid repeating this across devices. You can update your preferences at any time in the Privacy Centre.

    What button do you press if it’s not OK?

    If you can make sense of their so called ‘privacy centre’, or their ‘Manage options ‘ (If you can find such a tab – they’ve probably made it hard to find because they don’t want YOU to manage options – any managing they want to keep to themselves!)then good luck to you!

    Readers please note that OATH ,Yahoo & AOL consider it a crime if you clear your cache or do a disc clean-up, which is why you keep getting these stupid messages, and altering your settings. So either don’t do it, or switch to MSN like me.

  26. These fuckers. Why did they change their policy to account key instead of the regular password. My phone number changed and the these shitheads are not even sending it to the recovery email. And at the end it says “Uh oh” what a load of crap. I had given this email to certain places for registration and fuck now i cant even open my account. Fuxk theae losers man. Fuck you yahoo

  27. Yahoo sucks balls. They really do. That’s why they are no longer popular anymore and they are desperately trying to revamp their image. People aren’t interested. So yeah, karma applies to fucked up corporations too. Fuck you Yahoo. Fuck you forever.

  28. Same shit happened to me. Email gone, just disappeared. No support, now they try to extort you to PAY for tech support. WTF happened to my email?????

  29. Yahoo is the largest Fuck-up ever! Their email is totally FUCKED UP. I’ve stopped using yahoo for anything. They have no idea which end is up. Perfect example of corporate ineptitude. Incompetent idiots, programmers, AI, and complete fuck-tards!

  30. This is what I typed into Google to get here:

    Are you fucking kidding me? With yahoo I know my email and pw, but my phone number to authenticate is a decade old and I can’t access another method? What the actual fuck?

    So yeah. Fuck those assclowns. Fuckers!

    1. Fuck you yahoo from 2016-2020? Screw off I’m switching for sure. Tried going with chat bot and they said to buy the chat live fuck that lmao

  31. This article and these comments are giving me part of my sanity back after dealing with the stupid Yahoo ridiculousness.

    I would literally pay for another service just to rub it in their faces with how pissed off I am with them right now. I NEVER want to see another YAHOO anything again.

    I cannot believe that I gave them the exact phone number to recover my account but since it’s an old phone number I can never access my account again.

    I even tried to pay for their stupid support….AND NOTHING.

  32. I’m also locked out on my oldest email, It doesn’t even give me the opportunity to enter my password. It says a code was sent to my lost phone. Now somebody might be receiving the codes for God knows who since cellular company recycle numbers in my country. No other email connected to it so I’m locked out. Bullshit yahoo. Who ever thought of this idea; you can die right now along with your company.


    Criminals extracting my personal banking info to make one simple change on my account, changing the phone number associated with my account because of a recent cyber attack launched on me back in January.

    They want £500 to change my phone number? I’ll pass on that!

    Criminals at large working in Yahoo criminal service in Romainia!!!!

  34. Yeah you can all suck my ass and I hope that it’s a dirty s*** that you handle it. Because it’s f****** ridiculous that I can’t sign into my own account

  35. It’s f****** pitiful bro pitiful pitiful pitiful it is the worst platform I’ve seen in my life Jesus Christ I’d rather go up back to dial up and what was it called? I don’t remember the name of it because it is lost in history. But it too sucked ass

  36. even if you answer the security questions right and sent for the recovery email and phone right it will still ban you from using your account again simply there is nothing called security or privacy once the internet was public its all shit now. “the internet is not for everyone”

  37. Yahoo are worse than useless and are a crooked company . I have 3 factor verification set up worse thing I ever done but peace of mind comes with a small amount of aggravation . Codes were sent to 2nd email address until they suddenly stopped arriving .

    Now they charge me to send an sms message to my phone. Cannot contact them because as usual the protocol for all big online companies is to send you on a tail chasing exercise where you end up back where you started and no contact email given. Oh sorry you can call live chat if you want to cough up £4.90 per month and pay for their fuck up. Yahoo are a leper company all of it is rotten and falling apart

  38. I just got done paying 12 dollars to get into an account I had the login and password for but logged on from another device and no longer had access to the old device and all in all I had to call support at yahoo (thought it was a scam) hung up. Researched google, discovered yes I actually do have to pay yahoo 12 dollars to get into my account also scanning my ID and sensitive information and then realizing it’s recurring payment every month so hang up to call back to wait more, to finally cancel payment and yeah fuck yahoo

  39. I activated Yahoo’s “double authentication” on the two accounts I have with them… When attempting to get into my main account, I had to change a password that was JUST CHANGED and written down, so I KNOW it was correct! Then later on NO code was sent to my phone? Even though I have their security setting toggled “ON” and my number is correct… Therefore ANY keylogger/hacker that sees/knows my password can get into this account as well!
    I tried disabling then enabling the double-security feature, but when I tapped the option to send a code to my phone, a message said I was “over my limit”??? Over my limit of WHAT?! It CAN’T be data, because I have an unlimited data plan c/o Verizon MiFi! Yahoo Mail absolutely SUCKS and I’ll be moving my main e-mail to something better/more secure a.s.a.p.!

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