Review: LunaNode Cloud Hosting

After having a bad experience with Web Hosting Canada (read my review here), I decided to try LunaNode for the first time.  I’ve been very happy since.

LunaNode is a good, no-nonsense cloud host.  They have everything I need, and (so far) no bullshit.  From the time I signed up my account and ordered my first server, it was deployed and live within maybe 2 minutes.  They have 3 tiers of plans — General Purpose, Memory-Optimized, and Compute-Optimized, each with different levels of resources available.  They have all the common Linux distros available as templates.  (No Windows Server is offered, but if needed it seems you could upload an image.)  In a nutshell, all the standard stuff is there.

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Review: Web Hosting Canada (

I have several projects based in Canada, and as such I’ve had opportunities to try several different Canadian web hosts.  Recently I gave Web Hosting Canada ( a try.  It was a terrible experience.  The worst of any Canadian host I’ve tried so far.

In fairness, I didn’t get very far with WHC.  I couldn’t.

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